Products I reccomend

Below please find a list of pottery tools, art supplies and technical gear that I use and recommend:

Amaco Bisque fix: This is great for fixing broken pieces. Here is the description from Amazon: Bisque fix is a white paste that is excellent for mending material or fill up broken cavities. It can be colored to match the bisque using metal oxides or ceramic stains. After applying with a spatula, fire to the temperature of the clay and glaze that you are using, up to Cone 10. Bisque fix is an air set concrete type product and can be kept longer if when you are done using it, put a thin layer of water in the jar, then recap and store. When you re-use it, pour off the water, remix, and apply as normal. Link below the picture

Mudtools sponges: I love these sponges. They are simply the best sponges to use. Here is the info from Amazon:

  • 【HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS】The GYILORO clay sponge tool made of an incredibly durable and environmentally friendly material. The texture of this ceramics sponge would work great on greenware because it is very smooth.
  • 【SPECIAL DESIGN】Each color has a different texture and application. Mud sponges silicone each hold different amounts of water each more porous than the other. The clay sponge are to be used during the different phases of pottery making. Blue is the most rough, orange is next and the white is the smoothest.
  • 【COLOR DIFFRERNTIATION】Pottery tools sponge uses color to distinguish differences in similar products. The blue is thinner, very flexable, with large pores resembling a kitchen sponge in texture. The orange is a bit more rigged/firmer, with less pores, and a tad thicker body. The white has a very smooth texture with no visible pores, same thickness as the orange, similar rigidity maybe a tiny bit firmer.
  • 【EASY TO USE】You need to soak sponge in water and take it out after soaking it. Compressed for economy of space and for the fun of watching them expand when introduced to water the first time.
  • 【Package Content】You will receive three 3.75″ x 2.25″ Ceramics Sponges of different color. This is the best tool for smoothing rims and edges without raising grog. GYILORO promises 100% satisfaction to our customers, if it’s incompatible with your craft projects, you can just return this Safety Stiletto, and for more question of quilting stiletto tool, we are just there for you. Link below the picture

Mudtools Red rib: It’s easily my favorite rib to throw with. It’s fexible, so it conforms to any shape. The material won’t cut you like a metal rib will, and the curves work great for bowls and vases. Link below picture.

Banding Wheel: These are invaluable if you are a handbuilder. I find myself constantly recommending them to my students. Here is the Amazon description: 7“ Ceramics Pottery Sculpting Wheel
Smooth Rotation of the Wheel for flexible Application
The base and top are all high grade and heavy duty.Made of nearly indestructible iron joined with a heavy-duty ball bearing that allows the top to spin easily.
From the heaviest to the lightest pieces, it turns as smooth as silk. No catches. Doesn’t have that annoying hamster wheel sound. It’s a real class act.
This pottery wheel can be used for ceramics arts crafts, pottery model-making, clay workings designs, pottery works, floral arranging, and other artistic works, etc.
Easy to Operate
Sturdy, quiet, smooth, strong
Rotated by hand
Will not rust
Non-skid rubber boot Link below picture

Kemper tool kit: This is a great beginner tool kit. Everything you need to start producing pots, whether on the wheel or through handbuilding. Here is the description from Amazon: The most trusted name in pottery tools, Kemper has created the perfect tool kit for the beginning potter. With Kemper’s reputation for creating great tools from high quality steel and polished hardwoods, this kit is used by schools and universities around the world. It is also packaged in a reusable, clear vinyl bag with pockets to keep your tools together for travel and storage.Kemper’s Beginner Pottery Tool Kit contains a Loop Tool, Ribbon Tool, Potter’s Rib, Needle Tool, Wood Modeling Tool, Sponge, Scraper, and Wire Clay Cutter – all the necessary tools needed to get started.This essential kit fulfills standard requirements for ceramics and pottery classes. It is great for the classroom or studio and will last for years.Made in the USA. Link below picture.

Wire Stylus: I love using this tool both for initial carving as well as for cleaning up what I’ve already carved. Here is the Amazon description: This stylus has a very delicate wire loop perfect for detail work. Used for incising and detailing small areas. Great for sgrafitto. Link blow picture.

Handle maker: This is the only way I make handles, period. Here is the Amazon description: Kemper – Heavy Duty Sculpting Tool – Handle Maker – HM1 – 1 inch Pitcher
Stainless steel flat ribbon blade
Hardwood handle for any size hand
Made in USA Link below picture

Mini Ribbon Sculptng N Fine Detailng: I use these constantly when carving my work. Here is the Amazon descrition: Enhance your clay designs using the Kemper Tools mini sculpting tool set, which includes 6 pieces of tools. These sculpting tools are made of heat-treated ribbon steel for added strength. 0.25-Inch diameter, 5 inch long aluminum handles provide a good grip. You can use the sculpting tool set to add intricate details or trims while sculpting on clay, plaster, wax, greenware, bread dough, and other such modeling mediums. These clay tools are 0.25 inches in diameter and 5 inches in length. Link below picture.

Dual Ended Deep Cleanup Tool – K23: This is a great tool for creating cutouts as well as cleaning up leather hard pieces. Link below picture.

Wood and Wire Bevel Cutter Clay Trimming Tool: This tool is excellent for handbuilding with slabs but can be used for multiple purposes. Beveled edges make joining clay together smoother and stronger. Here is the Amazon description: Professional quality clay tool that is designed for a quick and precise cutting of clay at 45, 30 and 60-degree angles. It is a must-have hand-building tool for all potters.Smooth, lightweight & comfortable to hold – durable wood and stainless steel construction, high quality.Cuts different angles depending on how you hold the tool – hold flat for 2 angles and hold on its side for different cutting angles.Measures 5.75 Inches long x 5/16″ thick.
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