My Work


It used to be that everything was handmade. Everything in your life was made to last and you could feel the quality and craftsmanship every time you put on that pair for boots, set the table, or even picked up a pen to hand write a note to someone special. I want to bring that back in some way. I want you to feel the love and craftsmanship that I put into every piece.My goal with my pottery is to add both beauty and quality to your life in a mass produced world.

Decorative Prints

Ever since childhood I have loved the free form expression of working abstractly. Now through amazing software I am able to add color and effects to my work that elevated them to level of digital paintings. This work is unique and will bring beauty, pleasure and vibrancy to your life.



Before I became a potter/ceramic artist I loved comic books and wanted to be an illustrator. So I actually pursued a degree and career in illustration. I am now combining my love and pottery and illustration to create pottery inspired t-shirts and apparel.


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