Working from home in quarantine

It’s been some time since I’ve written a post, but now that time is no longer as much of a factor, here we go.

Like many others my work situation has changed drastically.  Luckily, I had already set up a studio in my home. With all this downtime, one of my big projects was to deep clean and reorganize my studio to make it more efficient.

I’d like to to share with you the space and why I’ve laid things out as I have, but first I would be remiss not to mention that my fantastic girlfriend has studied interior design and architecture and she looked over the boiler room and was able to create an amazing floor plan that we followed.

Wheel Setup


I’ve tried to surround myself with plenty of shelving, not just for the pieces that I make but also for the tools that I use. Sponges, bats, pin tool and wire tool are all easily accessible to my left. To my right I have ribs and trim tools. Directly in front of me is my ware board, shelves with paper clay slip, brushes and ruler.

Hand Building Table 


I was fortunate to all ready have had a table in the space. I covered it with an inexpensive covering from Christmas Tree Shop. As you can see there is a plaster wedging block, tools and lazy susan all easily accessible. Further down the table my old computer that I use for filming and editing of pottery videos. Across from it is a small slab roller which I bought off an old employer. It takes a little muscle to use but works well within the space.

Shelving and storage

As every potter knows you can never have enough shelving/storage. I added  more shelving to the wall in front of my wheel. I already had shelving that I used as my greenware and bisqueware shelves, but recently my girlfriend and co-potter, brought over an additional smaller shelving unit that has been a big help.f

I made certain to buy a small kiln that was meant for home usage. It works great. I roll it out of the corner, plug it in and it fires right up. Its great for the space and fits more than you realize. In case you are wondering, I never fire glaze at home. I always keep a window open with an exhaust fan blowing out.

Inventory and photography

Finally, I have a large shelving unit that I kept in the space that I use as my inventory shelf. Next to it is my old standing desk that I built awhile ago that I put a small photography studio on top.

Wishes and Wants

For the most part I am pretty content with how the studio is progressed. As it stands there are only 2 things that I wished it had. 1) An air purifier – though I keep the studio clean as best as I can, I know I can never completely eliminate dust, but I do want to keep the air as clean as possible. 2) An extruder – I love using an extruder in the studios I work at. To me, they make great shapes and handles that I love using in my work, so hopefully I’ll be able to get one and bolt it to the cinder block wall.

So that is my home studio set up. Its been a godsend during the quarantine. I hope wherever you are you’re able to make your work and stay safe and healthy.

Till then, get into the (home) studio and make something!

Questions on the technique, email me at, like what I’m doing feel free to shop my Etsy store


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