Bottles vs Pitchers

Last weeks post focused on throwing a bottle and the possibilities that that shape had. Today I’ll go into finishing the shape and how to make it into a pitcher.

The important thing to note is that what makes a pitcher different than a bottle is 1 thing, a spout. Another feature that cements the shape of a pitcher is a handle, but a handle isn’t as necessary as a spout.

At the end of post last week I revealed the secret to making spouts quickly, simply and without fail. If you didn’t catch it make sure you double back and look it up.

Two essential skills you will need to master to make a pitcher are trimming on a chuck and  attaching handles. I’ve also gone over how to do both of these. However, a quick refresher:

When it comes to handles, make life easy for yourself and use a handle maker.


Trust me, you’ll thank me later.  Also pick up this tool from Kemper:


It makes blending the handle into the original piece so much easier. Again, you’ll thank me later. (Just so you know, I don’t get commission but if Kemper is reading this I’ll happily take your money)

The last quick piece of advice I’d give you about handles is too blend, blend, blend! Blend till it looks like it was all one piece of clay.

Now when it comes to trimming on a chuck, my quick advice is simple: You’re trimming the piece, not the chuck. So only worry about the piece being centered.

When it comes to either a bottle or a pitcher its my aesthetic preference to trim a hidden foot. I just think they look the best, however if you like something else go for it. Essentially, if you were to stop now and never formed a spout, you’d have a trimmed bottle.

When it comes to the handle for a pitcher it is on a case by case basis depending on the shape. If the pitcher was bigger and more elongated I would have attached a longer and thicker handle.

In this particular case, I went with a short, round handle that can be pinched easily between a person’s thumbs and fore finger.

So its a short post this week and mostly focused on the combination of skills. Which if you want to grow as a potter, you need to know how to combine skills.

So until next week, go into the studio and make something.

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