Pottery tips, tricks and techniques

So this is my first bog entry which will be dedicated to ceramic education. To clarity who I am, here is a little background on me that I share with my weekly 1 day workshop class at Choplet Ceramic Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I’ve been working in clay for 14 years, I am a production potter 5 days a week and I teach on  Saturdays. So if I make this look easy its because,  “I’ve been working in clay for 14 years, I am a production potter 5 days a week and I teach on  Saturdays.’

So I think that qualifies me to give you the best techniques that are out there, because as some one who does this for a living I have no time to waste and have to make things to look as consistent as possible. If you’re looking for a philosophical teacher to show you how to freely express yourself through clay, I might not be the guy for you, but if you want to know how to be potter and to make anything you want quickly and effectively than I will share everything I can.

As one of my students said of me on Yelp, “Dominic is a hero (and hilarious and grumpy). His technique was game changing. I used to think centering was too hard, now its second nature to me.

In the weeks, months and hopefully years to come I look forward to sharing blog posts on different topics in wheel throwing, trimming, painting, decorating, glazing etc. As the blog grows, I’ll be adding video tutorials as well hope to put out a book and in depth video lesson package.

I know what lessons I will want to discuss, but if you have something you’d like me to focus on, please feel free to email me at sparanoarts@gmail.com with the heading “blog post idea” and I’ll do my best to address it or send a personal response back answering your question. I never give vague theoretical answers only hard technique that I know works from personal use.

So to wrap things up, I thank you for reading this and hope that I can demystify wheel throwing and pottery for you. I don’t believe in hidden knowledge or making students struggle. Please check back often and keep in touch.


Dominic Sparano
Master Potter

Questions on the technique, email me at sparanoarts@gmail.com, like what I’m doing feel free to shop my Etsy store

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