About Sparano Arts

Three dimensional art captured my mind and imagination since early in my college career. Since then I’ve worked in many mediums: wood, welded metal, heavy paper, etc. Clay though has been a consistent love. As a ceramic artist, I love to play with form and experiment with shape and mixing techniques. However, I’m also a master production potter and what you see below reflects my self discipline in making clean, useful forms that not only looks stunning, but also feel so comfortable in your hand you’ll never want to put them down.

Decorative art is relegated to being either cheap or un-affordable. Something mass produced or so rare it will cost you a life’s savings.

Art, good art, made by caring artists should be accessible to everyone. the craftsmanship in a bowl, the details in a sculpture, the brush strokes of a painting are all things a person appreciates intrinsically. You don;t need art education to  appreciate quality, you just need to care about quality.

The products made by Sparano Arts are hand made. Every cup, bowl, sculpture, canvas, painting and illustration is made with an eye for detail and quality.

Sparano Arts: Decorative art, done well!

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